The Shed BBQ - Ocean Springs, MS

Most of us have made the drive along I-10 all the way East toward Alabama or Florida.  Now years prior when we’ve made this drive the only places we have stopped have been fast food places or gas stations.  Bleh. 

On our last trip down the 3rd coast.  Tiffany and I were looking for a place to stop and eat.  I wasn’t going to settle for something boring.  I was in the mood to try something “new” at least.  We had been driving a while are were both plenty hungry.  I started doing some cell phone research on place that would be coming up on our drive.  I started out by looking for spot that the Food Channel’s Guy Fieri had been to on his show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”.  Bazinga!

I found The Shed. Now I was struggling with in and out internet service on my phone while driving so locating the address of the restaurant was proving difficult.  Then like clockwork the internet began working and I was able to pin point our required exit.  57.  

"Hey babe, we need to take exit 57."  

"Ok whens that?"

"Right here"


Right outside New Orleans, not too deep into Mississippi is a town called Ocean Springs.

If you want to have a cool place to stop during a road trip this is your place.

The lines were long, but that’s because the food is good.

We ordered the sampler patter just so we could try everything they offered.

The brisket was moist an tender, but did not have a very tasty BBq flavor.  It tasted a bit more like lighter fluid than smokey goodness.  

The Pulled Pork was a little bit better.  Unfortunatley we did not have enough bread to make a sandwich, but it was overall above average.

Now to the good stuff.  The Pork Ribs were outstanding.  We were only given a few to gnaw on, but I was left craving more.  They were moist, tender and finger licking scrumptious.

In our sampler platter they also gave us a chicken leg and thigh.  This was the most tender and juicy chicken I think I have ever had.  It had a wonderful BBQ flavor and just melted in your mouth.  I would highly recommend this as a purchase during your visit. 

They had plenty of seating both inside and out, however when we arrived for lunch the place had a hearty crowd and we found it difficult to find a place not roasting in the summer sun.  We decided to grab a seat right next to one of the large fans they had running outside and relied on the ice cold sweet tea to cool us off.

The Shed also hosted a large outdoor stage for concerts.  I doubt they pull A+ talent at a Mississipi BBQ joint, but I would be its a cool place to grab some a few cold ones, a great plate of Que and listen to some tunes.

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